One Down, One To Go.

I am referring to my credit card debt. Today felt epic, I just paid off one of my business credit cards.

But I have one to go.

It still feels like a big hurdle - but I feel more optimistic than I did in the past.

Why I am sharing this you may wonder? Well in the “age of transparency” I actually feel people are very guarded about talking about money and their numbers.

I am very open about these things, at least I think I am. And I’ve decided to be even more open, hence why I am sharing this with you. Because I hope by being open and honest and it’ll be helpful to someone else. But I don’t feel like I’ve figured anything out, that’s not why I am writing this, I am not saying I have any answers, but I do know, there is not a lot of information on the inner workings of being a “maker” from a small business operational standpoint. There’s a lot of info. on branding, positioning, etc. etc. But on how to effectively grow a small business or get from a to b. Not so much. And perhaps that’s because everyone is uniquely situated and there is no cookie cutter format, if you do x + y, z is the outcome. I get that. But we’re in the age of the entrepreneur, and I feel like this information should be more accessible.

I listen to a lot of podcasts, specifically ones that are focused on small business owners / creatives / entrepreneurs; How I Built This, Marie Forleo, Design Matters with Debbie Millman, The Tim Ferriss Show, Invisible Office Hours (to name a few) and I feel like the stories I often hear are those of either tech companies who are launching products and services via Apps or ones that have robust online businesses. I listen to their stories about how they pitched their company to investors and received one million + in start up capitol. They don’t feel relatable. I have no idea what I would do with that much capitol - seriously. Maybe some of you are reading this, and are thinking, you need to think bigger…but the truth is, I don’t think going bigger is better. I have consciously chosen to stay small. In a world of Zara’s etc. it is not sustainable for the planet’s resources to have companies make so much junk that just ends up in the landfill. I’ve decided I want to make X amount of scarves each year; X amount of tops; X amount of dresses. Beyond that, it feels excessive. When I say Limited Edition, I truly mean Limited Edition. Earlier this year, for the first time I sketched out a business strategy that would cover our personal household expenses, my monthly business expenses, a monthly debt payoff expense and $500/month to go toward retirement account. This is what I need to do on a monthly basis for me to feel like I am running a successful business that is sustainable. it doesn’t feel financially sustainable if I can’t save for retirement. A few years ago I would not have said that, now that I am 43, I think about these things a lot more. In my ideal world, I would financially be in a position to travel a lot more and once I pay off this debt, my reward will be a trip to Peru.

2019 financial plan.JPG