Zero Waste Tee / Give Back Collection

Zero Waste Tee / Give Back Collection


20% of the proceeds from the Zero Waste Collection will be donated to

For 6 years Annabella Sardelis, the Founder of INDIGO & SNOW has been saving her hand-dyed + hand-painted remnants made from linen, organic cotton, raw silk and sustainably sourced bamboo. Last year when she learned that families were being separated at the border she knew she wanted to contribute and it was then that this design was conceived.

100% of money received by Together Rising from this campaign will go to reunify families torn apart at the border; for support and advocacy for separated families to be removed from detention pending the completion of their cases; to coordinate mental health, medical and social services required by parents and children as result of the trauma of separation; and for support, services and legal representation in connection with asylum claims and immigration proceedings.

All pieces in the Zero Waste Collection are sourced second hand.

Size: Small / OS

Dimensions: 19” (w) x 26” (h)

Care: Machine Wash / Do Not Bleach

Special Thanks: Paige Polzin

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